3KT (Trekanttomten) is an urban development project between Aker Brygge and Vika with a planned start of construction in 2026. Ferd Eiendom believes that art and culture play an important role in an attractive city.

In a big city there will always be development projects making the city less accessible. Reversing this, we wish to open temporary urban spaces and bring temporary art projects to the public in the development period.

Not only does art and culture make the city more colourful, thought-provoking and interesting for those who work, live and visit it, but it also influences how the city and city life develop. We wish art and culture not just to be for the few, but for the many, and to make it available to those who experience it in the cityscape. Some every day on their way to work, others completely by accident.

Foto: Mads Pettersen

We are still in an early phase and do not know exactly how to proceed, but we want to experiment, as Ferd always does. Our first experiment is on 3KT. We believe this can be playful, lively and inclusive. Something will be temporary, something will perhaps be permanent? We have just started the journey and it has no end.